W1S1 [ˈbɔdi US ˈba:di] n plural bodies
artery, ↑brain, ↑fatty, ↑tissue, ↑heart, ↑kidney, ↑intestine, ↑intestine2, ↑small, ↑large, ↑liver, ↑lung, ↑muscles, ↑stomach, ↑vein, ↑throat
2¦(dead person)¦
4 body of something
5 body of water
6¦(middle part)¦
11 full/medium/light bodied
12 long/thick etc bodied etc
13 keep body and soul together
14 body and soul
[: Old English; Origin: bodig]
the physical structure of a person or animal
the human body
My fingers were numb and my whole body ached.
body weight/temperature/size
Your body temperature is higher in the daytime than at night.
For their body size, these birds lay very small eggs.
He needs to overcome a negative body image (=what you think about your own body) .
the dead body of a person
A dog found the body of a girl in the woods.
Laura had never seen a dead body before.
3.) ¦(GROUP)¦
a group of people who work together to do a particular job or who are together for a particular purpose
The British Medical Association is the doctors' professional body.
body of
There were reports of a large body of armed men near the border.
Kaplan served on the governing body of the museum (=the group who control the museum) .
The student body (=all the students in a school or college) numbers 5000.
The research will be used by government departments and other public bodies (=groups whose work is connected to the government) .
in a body
(=as a group, together)
The women moved towards the building in a body.
4.) body of sth
a) a large amount or mass of something, especially something that has been collected
body of knowledge/evidence/opinion etc
There is now a considerable body of knowledge of the different stages of childhood.
There is a growing body of evidence that charges are too high.
b) the main, central, or most important part of something
The arguments are explained in the body of the text.
Leave three blank lines between the date and the body of the letter.
5.) body of water
a large area of water such as a lake
The city was built near a large body of water.
the central part of a person or animal's body, not including the head, arms, legs or wings
Nick had bruises on his face and body.
The bird has a small body and long wings.
7.) ¦(VEHICLE)¦
the main structure of a vehicle not including the engine, wheels etc
Workers at the factory are making steel bodies for cars.
8.) ¦(OBJECT)¦ technical
an object that is separate from other objects
Keep the caps on the bottles to prevent foreign bodies entering them (=objects that should not be there) .
heavenly body atheavenly
9.) ¦(HAIR)¦[U]
if your hair has body, it is thick and healthy
This shampoo will give more body to your hair.
10.) ¦(TASTE)¦[U]
if food or an alcoholic drink has body, it has a strong ↑flavour (=taste)
A small amount of tomato paste will give extra colour and body to the sauce.
11.) full/medium/light bodied
used to describe how much taste an alcoholic drink has, with a full bodied drink having the strongest taste
a full bodied wine
12.) long/thick etc bodied etc
having a long, thick etc body
a slim bodied orange-gold fish
13.) keep body and soul together
to continue to exist with only just enough food, money etc
He's working at the shop to keep body and soul together
14.) body and soul
a) completely
She threw herself body and soul into her work.
b) the whole of a person
They think they own the employees, body and soul.
the wide part of a musical instrument such as a ↑violin or ↑guitar, or of a sports ↑racket (=bat)
The guitar is 16 inches wide across the body.
16.) ¦(CLOTHING)¦ BrE body suit AmE
a type of tight fitting shirt worn by women that fastens between their legs
over my dead body atdead1 (11)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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